In placing Facebook ads can be said as a deepening of observation. You should also watch for ads belonging to other people that accidentally pass on your timeline. Then make a simple hypothesis of the reasons for the ads that get a very good response, and a bad response. Also have to observe what is the trend at that time, start to dive into the lives of your audience and others. The advertiser’s success indicator cannot be determined in the course or workshop. Courses, workshops or training are the basics. As for the indicators of success, it is determined by detailed observations of the work that has been done previously.

Avoiding Distraction

If you have previously decided to learn Facebook Ads, then focus on mastering Facebook Ads. Don’t get hungry easily, don’t be easily tempted so you immediately change direction. Because we are currently in the most innovative industry, we shouldn’t miss it.

Tutorial on Running Facebook Ads Manager
Getting Started Business Manager Preparation
In an advertisement, there are 2 ways that you will take, namely using a personal account or using a Business Manager account. Of course the most recommended is to use Business Manager. Here’s why:

Personal accounts have very limited Design Directors Managers Email Lists integration. Usually to be used for the first time.
When later the business you run starts to grow, then you are forced to run Facebook Ads Ads from a business manager account, so it doesn’t work 2 times.
BM accounts are very easy to create.
facebook ads manager

Get to know Facebook Ads Business Manager

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

Business Manager (BM) is a portal for managing multiple Facebook ads accounts that have been provided by Facebook. How to make it is also very easy because all you have to do is visit the page to further register.

Get to know the ID Business Mangaer
After you have successfully created an account in Business Manager, log in. And look at the URL in your browser. Don’t forget to note the number that appears after business_id=. You can think of a Business Manager ID as a No. ID cards and will be used in many ways later.

Studying Business Manager
In order to easily start Business Manager, take a look at some of the available menus. If you are confused, there is a home button from the business manager, which can be your solution when you get lost. If you already know the way home, all maps on the way in Business Manager are known as “Business Settings”. Don’t forget to visit to understand more.


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