Of which sometimes they were not very Tonga Email List proud. A year later, one of the biggest moves in Facebook history occurs. Zuckerberg’s social platform acquires Instagram for about a billion euros and also goes public Tonga Email List. On the other hand, it reaches the beastly figure of one billion active users per month (one in every 7 people on the planet has used Facebook). That is, a very sweet candy for investors and advertisers Tonga Email List. And WhatsApp too The acquisition of the competition (Instagram) went so well, that Beiderbecke Tonga Email List tried to buy Snap chat, but without success. Even so, two years later, in February 2014 he managed to buy WhatsApp for 17,000 million euros.

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In this way, it manages to consolidate its dominance of social media, also monopolizing messaging applications. In the same year, he made another important purchase and acquired the virtual reality company Locus VR . That is to say: if we add the figures of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, the global community of Beiderbecke platforms exceeds 5 billion users . An astonishing number … that does not stop growing. And while you are, buy GIPHY In May 2020, Vishal Shah, Vice President of Product at Facebook announced that ” Giphy, a leader in visual creation and expression , joins the Facebook company today as part of the Instagram team .” According to the statement, Facebook has bought Giphy with the idea of adding its immense catalog to the images available to share on Instagram but.

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Also in our other applications so that people can find the right way to express themselves.” History of Facebook: recent years full of scandals It is true that in recent years Facebook has not made many important changes, just some variations in its design, the inclusion of verified accounts or Facebook Stories. Unfortunately, in recent years it has stood out more for controversies such as the problem of fake news or the controversy with the use of Cambridge Analytics data , where Beiderbecke himself had to appear before the US Congress. This last event was the biggest Facebook scandal, which caused Lederberg’s company to lose some 40 million euros.

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