A recent marketing study concluded that 55% of users are encouraged enough to buy from a business if they have a consistent and interesting blog. A business with a steady blog is not only seen as an expert by users. But it also creates value that indirectly helps a consumer choose products and services. Benefit: Have a better market share over competitors. Each blog post is concluded with a comment section where users can leave their… …opinions, feedback, and suggestions about the location if they have visited it. This is a great way businesses can take advantage of feedback, engage with customers, and improve their business. Stay Ahead of the Competition A business that has an active blog on its website is more likely to get a visitor to make a purchase.

Do you have any other benefits of blogging you’ve noticed for your business? Share them with us in the comments below. See what we did there Benefit: Blogs can be inviting enough for users to leave feedback and opinions. Industry Example: Trip Advisor One such example is Trip Advisor’s blog that mentions different holiday destinations around the world. Feedback Because of the easy availability of blogs on a brand’s website. Blogging has become an extension for customers to learn more about what they like and don’t like. Customers can share stories with other users about your products/services. Or just leave feedback on the blog pages. Similar to social listening, brands can easily adjust their marketing/advertising strategy accordingly based on the… …engagement and feedback they receive on blog posts.

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Though it has made its mark with news coverage, it maintains its own blog too that talks about its opinions about… …different topics ranging from healthcare to technology. The topics are so relevant and touch the everyday lives of people that brands often link back to the New York Times when citing a similar topic. When other sites link to your information, it looks like a strong recommendation to Google. Just like with any product, the more someone recommends it, the more you want to use it. These digital recommendations (backlinks) help increase your Senegal phone number website authority and signals your website as favorable to the search engine algorithms. Benefit: Backlinks increase your domain authority and ranking in search engines. Industry Example: The New York Times is a great example of this.

Senegal Phone Number
Senegal Phone Number

Other than being a great SEO growth tool, it finds its place among the benefits of blogging as well. As we discussed earlier, blogging creates value for customers by giving out tips and important information about the business or industry in general. If these blog articles are valuable enough to solve a customer problem, they might get picked up by other websites or blogs too. The influencers wrote all about it on their blog sites. Which Home Depot their shared on their site and social platforms thus helping the brand to achieve a widespread reach. Home depot blog Generate Backlinks Inbound links are links on other web pages that link back to your website.

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Industry Example: Home Depot when introducing a new range of furniture, tools, and hardware. Challenged a group of influencers to build out a stylish patio using just Home Depot’s products. Home Depot Pinterest The idea for the brand was to document how easy their tools were to use. The key here is to make sure you work with an influencer that your customers admire or follow. This is an important benefit of blogging, often overlooked by business owners. Think of yourself as a new business owner. Your business is young and has few followers. So your blog most likely will not make a large impact initially. Influencers, on the other hand, already have hundreds of thousands of followers that… …they can promote your business to with a simple blog post reviewing your product.

This is their way to spread awareness about new products and features. And sometimes, the only way. Build Your Network with Influencer Marketing Another way blogging can benefit business owners is when they work with influencers as a part of their content marketing strategy. You would generally give an influencer your product to have or use in exchange for a blog post reviewing the product and your company. Benefit: Increase brand visibility tesla blog Industry Example: Tesla’s Blog Companies like Tesla spend very little on promoting their business. So how are they so popular? Instead, they rely on adding value to their community with blogs and articles that will earn a story in a publication anyway.

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