Covering the basic historical and technical aspects of photography what helps and perhaps is missing is critical commentary. However the critical comments are in many ways heavy and indigestible. So they require live presence. Only selections can be made remotely ie by mail. The choices however presuppose that once upon a time there were lively comments and that whoever seeks my criticism knows the general principles on which I judge or at least has some idea of ​​them. This therefore means that my criticism must be directed almost exclusively at my former students. In fact now that I do so many seminars in the province as well as a special criticism seminar in Athens it is easier for someone who is interested in submitting their photos to me to have an immediate opinion on my views.

Otherwise I wonder why

He would want my necessarily imprecise for him opinion. A truly novice photographer and by novice I mean one who has neither taken classes Wedding Photo Editing nor sought special knowledge nor has a long practice behind him I do not see how he would benefit from my criticism. Unless he’s hoping to magically collect prescriptions. That’s why I don’t encourage my students who are completely new to photography to show me photos. After a few months they will find that everything has changed for them. If again the photographs come from an advanced photographer but whose work is clearly moving towards a completely different artistic milieu than the one I support even if he was once my student I should not criticize him but simply I briefly express to him the distance that separates me from his own approach.

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Photographers also think

Wrongly – that photographs are Manicheanly divided into good and bad. This is as simplistic as the view that there are only small or large Email Lead potatoes. The majority of photos and fries are average.Therefore When Photographs Are. Generally Submitted for Criticism I Am Obliged. This is Exactly What Constitutes Helping the Judge to Mark. And Keep the Comparatively Best Ones and to Reject. On the One Hand the Completely Indifferent Ones and on the Other Hand the. Comparatively Weaker Ones.Pay particular attention to that last one. It is not possible or reasonable for a basic photographer to recommend me absolutely indifferent photos. And I am often surprised that among you photographers with some years behind  photos that cannot stand any criticism. The thought that he might find something for her shows a lack of opinion and criteria on the part of the photographer.

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