Surely you must have already heard about snapchat that its main feature. Is that the messages are ephemeral and are automatically deleted. Well, despite this -which many may consider limiting-, I believe that snapchat has ceased. To be just an application for sharing photos and videos. To become a true and useful marketing tool. The snapchat application has come a long way since its inception in 2011. Marketingcharts.Com conducted a study which results in snapchat being positioned. As the third most used network -even above twitter- in. The united states by users between 12 and 24 years old and that represent 46%. Facebook. Is the number one network with 80%; instagram is in second place with 53%. Consequences. Of success; the big fish wants to eat the boy.

Due to the Success and Penetration That Snapchat.

Is obtaining within social network users, facebook tried to buy snapchat for 3 billion. Dollars but they did not succeed. Facebook decided to create its own “Slingshot” app focusing. On photos and videos that self-destruct after being viewed once. Users can use slingshot by sending images and videos up to Kenya B2B List 15 seconds long. The slingshot becomes another alternative. Of communication for us. How to use these tools within a marketing strategy? While. Some may think that the time limitation on these apps is a hindrance. We can turn it around and take advantage of the fact that photos and videos. Will only exist for a few seconds.

As With Any New Technology the Point Here.

Kenya B2B List

Is to be creative in its application, content and use. I share some ideas that you can apply within your marketing actions through these apps. Product/service pre-launch: we can generate totally exclusive content through videos. Or images of a product or services. This type of action can create noise and expectations and get interested. People to start talking about your brand prior to a launch. Discount coupons: they are also a great tool for you to interact with consumers through promotions. Or special offers. You can simply send them a photo with a discount coupon. So they can apply it to a purchase. Contests: another way to use it is to offer prizes for users to participate.

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