lack of options in payment methods or other elements Ukraine Email List that generate insecurity in the customer. 9. You have started the campaign and you have forgotten about it I start my campaign, assign it a budget, an end date and hala! to run. You forget about it until it’s over and, as my holy mother would say, then my mothers come. I’m not going to tell you to do an in-depth daily analysis, but I am going to tell you to keep an eye on it every 2-3 days and analyze it every week to see what results it is giving you and what things you are interested in changing.

What would you highlight as the main changes

If one ad is way below the others, replace it. If any of the parameters that I have spoken to you is outside the acceptable margins, check the campaign settings because you may have to change the audience, add / remove keywords (in Google Ads campaigns) or interests (In Facebook / Instagram). 10. Sometimes you are not in the right place or time “Okay, I’ve come this far, the previous 9 points are fine and my online advertising campaign isn’t working . ” So what you have to review is your marketing strategy, because the time and / or place where you have inserted the campaign may not be the right ones.

Ukraine Email List

Your marketing strategy may not be good, because a strategy, no matter how well put together, is still a gamble, and bets can fail. In other words: sometimes there are very good campaigns that do not work, and that should not serve to discourage you, but to learn from them, see what has gone wrong and try to do better in the next one.Every year, when Christmas arrives, brands provide their public with advertisements that make them feel the festive spirit typical of these dates. Christmas is also synonymous with gifts and Santa Claus / Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men arrive at Spanish homes with requests from children who promised to have behaved well throughout the year.

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