Give the outside world an insight into your organization. Translate your Employer Value Proposition to the labor market and build a strong employer brand (employer brand). Make use of images here.See below the example of the municipality of Soest . Tip 4. Separate your vacancies from your corporate website with a careers site Azerbaijan Phone Number  Research shows that in 92% of the cases, municipalities invest the most time and effort in recruiting via their own website.

Separate your vacancies

The visitors to your general Azerbaijan Phone Number website are citizens, residents and entrepreneurs who are looking for your services. Your careers site gives you the opportunity to focus on a completely different target group, namely job seekers. In addition, this has the additional advantage that Google shows your vacancies better in organic search results.

Azerbaijan Phone Number

Reach your target audience where it is

Basically you use job boards to Azerbaijan Phone Number  advertise your vacancy. This way you can at least present your vacancies to active job seekers. But with job boards alone you only reach 10% of your target audience. This way you only reach the active job seekers.Yet there is a very large group of people who are not actively looking for another job, but who are interested in another job if it fits very well. These latent job seekers make up 75% of your target audience. These people never end up on a job board, so you have to know how to reach them through other channels. This includes social media, for example. With smart targeting techniques you can reach and entice these people very specifically within your region. We call it social recruitment .

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