You will then link this moment to you as a person, to your Lithuania WhatsApp Number List company (3. Company) or your field (4. Sector). Keep in mind that contributions on LinkedIn can sometimes remain up to 2 weeks. This may mean that the ‘moment’ has already passed and your contribution is still visible. In addition, the date of a post is not very visible on Lithuania WhatsApp Number List LinkedIn. A tip is to mark the moment by clearly stating the date in the post.

The Entire Process

Also, read Personal branding: tips to optimally Lithuania WhatsApp Number List profile yourself [+ template] 2. Person The ‘Person’ section discusses you as a person. Realize that this addresses the business version of you as a person, so you as a business professional. Of course, there will be things that you personally (and privately) find interesting or that you are good at.

Lithuania WhatsApp Number List

In Mind During

These will overlap with your business Lithuania WhatsApp Number List version. There is a moment, something that is important or special to you as a person and you are going to make content about it. Examples There are dozens of moments that are important to you as a person, where you can create business content. You have started a personal journey, have written a book, won a prize, participated in a training course.


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