.IYoutube Shorts are a new possibility to generate income for creators. The gigantic platform  this new content the variety  of formats it provides and adapting to new trends. And no, it’s no coincidence . that the or Instagram Reels , it seems that… that’s where the thing goes. You always  in networks, and we already . anticipated trends in social networks about the proliferation of the short video format. But… What are YouTube Shorts? shorts what are theyFor practical purposes, it is YouTube’s competition for TikTok and Instagram Reels Technically, they are: Short videos. Vertical format. Duration up to one minute. And, of course, they allow you to add music and various effects that are more attractive

in the final content created. It all sounds familiar to us, we know,cannot be considered a copy in a derogatory sense. Trends adapting to them is survival. Also, the king of original video format is Youtube. In the end, these types of shorter formats are better adapted to the that we do on a daily . Basis with the time we have and, hence, the concept of .”Video” has had to include these characteristics for greater consumption, without further ado. Regarding their location, these Shorts appear on the YouTube platform, application and channels of the creators. But… How do creators monetize Youtube Shorts?shorts monetization Since its creation, the idea has been monetization through this new

Type Of Format. In Fact, The Company Has Committed

paying creators at least $100 million for the Albania Email List  Shorts during 2022 with a fund dedicated to them, for now… And this is very interesting because you can make Shorts even if you are not part of the Partner Program, with which smaller brands and channels will be able to monetize their Shorts. Why are Youtube Shorts interesting? shorts advantagesThis new format is very interesting for creators because, as we have mentioned, you do not need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program to create them and it generates income and, furthermore, because it is a very simple and fast way to generate content and that is a great point. in favor of new creators. Imagine that to create a YouTube channel you have to create videos with a duration of about 5 minutes to provide the.

Albania Email List

content you are looking to offer. But you don’t have followers, so the creation of that video takes time, the promotion of the content goes hand in hand with the generation of content itself and, in all that time that you don’t create, you don’t grow. Now, with Youtube Shorts you can create content much more easily and, with it, the possibility of reaching more people in less time . Quite a point in favor of the new creators, without a doubt. In addition, for established creators it is .Also important because they can generate attractive content .With the Shorts and lead to content that has already been monetized (if they have the conditions that require hours and subscribers, of course). What is the objective of Youtube with them?

Objective Shortsyoutube Seeks With This

bet to encourage users to jump from one video to another and it is there, in that gap, where there is a wonderful space for advertising . The goal is not to fall behind in consumer trends or lose advertisers who see the good performance of advertising on other platforms that allow more practical, faster and lighter consumption. The king that has proven its effectiveness has been TikTok with promoted videos that have generated more than a billion dollars in 2020. Youtube gives creators long teeth and explains that they can generate between $100 and $10,000 depending on how they do on the network. Of course, they must be original videos, so reposts of other TikTok videos, for example, are obviously not useful. What is the status of this format today? Shorts Youtube growing upAll this commitment is,

right now, in the development phase. In other words, there is the possibility of generating this content and monetizing it, but YouTube still agrees to be in a consolidation phase to establish how to generate the income derived from this new format and introduce it in a more organic way on the platform. The first step, and they know it, is to attract creators and activity and that is the phase they are in. And for that, they offer that monetization with the Shorts fund that they have on an interim basis while they work on a more solid way of generating income with the Shorts. Conclution In conclusion, let’s take advantage of what Youtube offers to explore new ways of creating. It is an opportunity to enter such a competitive platform and not only that,

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