It should be noted that Barcelona Ghana Email List has more followers than Real Madrid on only two platforms, which are: TikTok and YouTube, with 11.6 and 12.5 million each. Nike Nike is one of the most recognized sportswear Ghana Email List brands in the world, and its presence on the list is proof of that. With a total of 179 million followers on Instagram, the clothing brand reaches 227.9 million among all its networks. Most of the content that we Ghana Email List can find on their social platforms, of course, is related to their products. We also find videos or images of their sponsorship, such as the athletes who are brand ambassadors, or the different sports and competitions Ghana Email List in which their presence is broader, as we see in the following Instagram post.

Kattia, what can you tell us about the main milestones of M4C Academy

UEFA Champions League Founded in 1955, the Champions League is one of the most Ghana Email List important and prestigious international Ghana Email List football competitions at the club level. The social networks of this competition have more than 204 million followers, of which 82.2 million belong to their Instagram profile. Among its publications we can find lineups of the teams to play, match dates, leader boards, counts and news related to the competition Ghana Email List and its participants. Samsung Samsung is the only technology brand we place on this list, with an estimated followers among all its social networks of 182.4 million. This well-known Korean Ghana Email List brand is one of the main mobile companies on the international scene, and also produces different types of electronic products.

Ghana Email List

tell us the main news for September and October

Most of the brand’s followers Ghana Email List can be found on Facebook, and their publications tend to tend towards their mobile devices. Tasty Tasty is an example of how social media and content creators can widely and successfully promote a brand. This digital channel created by BuzzFeed has even managed to surpass its creator on social networks Ghana Email List, where it amasses more than 172 million followers . Among its content we can Ghana Email List find recipes, as well as micro documentaries about typical foods, or restaurants and private chefs. It also has cooking shows with fun and quite creative twists, such as MakeItBig where they Ghana Email List prepare gigantic dishes. His main social network is Facebook, where he has 106 million followers.

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