Many of today’s most successful informational sites, such as wikipedia. Yelp or TripAdvisor, achieved positioning largely due to the seo. They introduced at the beginning. Its marketing strategy, whether intentional or not, can be summed up in the construction. Of a community of collaborators who create quality content. Thus becoming a point of reference for internet users in its different niches or themes and occupying. The first positions in the search results. In this way, a circle was created in which seo. Attracted more users, which in turn led to more contributors and therefore more inbound links. Which ultimately led to more seo.
From 2001 to around 2008, this was the most effective.

Channel for Very High-quality Informational Sites.

However, since that year very few companies have gained traction with seo. While google keeps its ranking algorithms secret. Those that are older and have accumulated years of inbound links. Those that have used seo techniques known as “black-hat”. And even that google rewards them precisely because of their seniority on the internet. The key to AUSTRALIA BUSINESS FAX LIST this article is the quality that some sites offer us, such as tripadvisor. Which occupies the first places in google but loads the page with links and ads.

Making Our Experience Negative Since It Overlaps Other Sites.


Such as oyster, a new company dedicated to the same thing, which provides us with a cleaner site, greater quality and quantity of information and few ads, but in the search results, it will be more difficult to find it. The internet economy has generated billions of dollars in the market, and most of these profits come from seo. Many of the companies practice so-called “white-hat” seo techniques that are benign and friendly to search engines. But there are also thousands who engage in “black-hat”, where link trading and selling predominate as well as promoting their low-quality content with aggressive seo tactics, such as the creation of content farms.

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