improving its usability and incorporating new functions to Slovenia Email List improve the relationship between creators and fans. , some of which are very reminiscent of those that have made Twitch , the streaming platform of the moment so popular : Featured Links: This allows third party links to be incorporated into live broadcasts, giving creators the opportunity to integrate multiple links to sites of interest that are related to their content. ” From beauty blogs and donations to causes that interest you, creators can add a featured link to their live broadcast, and viewers can visit these links without leaving the broadcast,” explains the social network. This is a really important function, since it opens the door for Facebook Live to become a useful tool for live sales or live commerce,

So are the new hashtag pages on YouTube

as you can see in this example shared by Facebook itself. Surveys: Facebook is testing a live survey feature that is also integrated on mobile devices, as it is currently only available in a desktop version. Live with …: This new function allows you to broadcast together with up to 3 creators, offering more dynamism to live shows. Stories Lives: To maximize their reach and drive discovery, creators can now share their Stories through Facebook Stories. Badges: The badges experience has been redesigned to make it easier to recognize prominent members of the community. These are listed next to the name of the follower in the comments section, and will help highlight their loyalty, participation in donations, etc.

Slovenia Email List

New hashtag pages on YouTube lead to videos using these bookmarks

Front row: this new function makes it possible to highlight the main viewers of the videos, showing them in a particular section. Finally, following its commitment to invest in content creators, Facebook will launch a new bonus program for those who do live broadcasts. It will reward eligible users based on the performance of their broadcasts, and will be implemented in the following weeks. Build better connections through post comments Comments are a great way to build and deepen relationships with communities of followers on social media, but they can also be a way to reach broader audiences who may be interested in the public conversation. For this reason, a new feature is rolling out that will make it easier to discover and track content creators.

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