Through science, today it is possible to know how the human. Brain reacts to advertisements or advertising campaigns. Thanks to neuromarketing, many companies analyze and study. The minds and reactions of consumers to adapt their strategies and commercial. Messages with the aim of ‘moderating’ and stimulating their consumer drive. All these aspects related to consumer behavior are analyzed to solve different questions. And common scenarios in the business world. Seduce and retain the customer, influence their purchase decision. Enhance the stimuli to achieve a greater advertising impact, etc. And all this while learning about the relationship and cause between mind and behaviorak. Pradeep, specialist in neuromarketing and author of publications such as.

The Buying Brain Revealed Some of the Aspects and Secrets.

Of this science in a recent interview with the newspaper ‘la vanguardia. A few years ago, neuromarketing sounded like science fiction. However, pradeep explains that 95% of the decisions we make are made in the subconscious. And these studies allow us to know how consumers respond to certain stimuli. And it is that in the subconscious are the interest aroused by certain products. The Ireland Business Fax List intention to buy and loyalty to a brand. Therefore, applying neurological research to marketing allows. Us to know how we react to an advertisement, to the design of the packaging. Or advertising at the point of sale. Pradeed also points out why television commercials are so effective. And that is that they use one of the primary senses: sight.

Through the Different Areas of Our Brain Are Activated.

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And thus our emotions are awakened. And if there was still any doubt about the differences between men and women. The neuromarketing expert points out that the brains of both are very different. Since the female ones develop empathy and while. The male ones struggle to find their place in the hierarchy. The same thing happens between the brains of youth and old age. In adolescence our brain is still forming and developing while in old age they undergo more changes. Research shows that older brains lose skills and that it’s better to punctuate. Advertising with positively reinforcing messages. Finally, pradeep concludes.

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