As soon as you have posted a reel, you can see the ‘view insights’ heading below your posted reel. You will then end up on a page similar to statistics of posts. Here you will find out everything about your viewer: how many likes and plays this reel had on Kenya Phone Number Instagram and Facebook , number of likes and comments, and also important: how many people have saved this reel to look back later.

The statistics at Instagram

I personally find that very meaningful: when I see that people save my content, I know that they found it valuable to go back to it later. Your statistics can therefore help you enormously to get to know your target group better and discover whether your posts, Reels and Stories fit your followers. I would definitely recommend scanning your Kenya Phone Number statistics at least once a week. The statistics at Instagram: how do you approach this? I’m curious how you apply Insta stats.

Kenya Phone Number

How do you approach this?

How often do you check them? And do you Kenya Phone Number adjust your content based on your statistics? Let us know below! Until the next video! Effective marketing via Instagram: this is how you do it Now that online has become even more important, you want to bet 100%. The question is, how? How do you tell the visual story of your brand on Instagram? Follow the Instagram marketing training from Instagram expert Kirsten Jassies and set a solid foundation for your own strong strategy. Find out if it’s for you.

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