Viral marketing has become one of the most fashionable strategic. Advertising resources on the big screen. The goal: raise expectations. And attract attention with all kinds of videos. Related to the film at the premiere doors. In this case it is the turn of quarantined , the remake of the spanish film [rec] that will be released. At the end of the year in the us and is now being versioned in hollywood. In relation to the film, some viral videos have already been locatedon the net that little by little. Are giving clues about the new film. The original film tells the story. Of a local television reporter who, together with her team and camera. On her shoulder, accompanies firefighters to put out a small fire located. In a block of flats.

Where They Finally Find Themselves Involved in a Story.

Of terror and mystery. This new version will. Be set in a block of buildings in los angeles. About this viral campaign we found a series of videos on youtube. The first of them shows a man. Who films himself while talking about the content of a mysterious tape that he had previously. Found and his doubts about whether to distribute its content to the network. The Sweden B2B List second video is part of the content of this tape where part  For those who have not yet seen [rec] here you can see its trailer in spanish[rec]. The movie movies.Filmax.Com tags quarantined.

Marketing-viral Advertising Videos Recommended.

Sweden B2B List

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