In recent years, several large fines have also been China WhatsApp Number List handed out to organizations that did not comply with the GDPR. Data remains essential for marketing. But in order to prevent image damage, high fines and social indignation. Our mentality and attitude towards this data will have to change.

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Arnoud Engelfriet, lawyer and expert in the field China WhatsApp Number List of law and the internet, expressed this beautifully in a response to Tweakers. Organizations need to realize that personal data is a liability, radioactive waste instead of “the new gold” or just another Excel file on the G: drive. 4. Marketers should also contribute to Core Web China WhatsApp Number List Vitals This one has already appeared in many other trend lists, but I wanted to mention it briefly here.

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Many organizations are working hard to China WhatsApp Number List get websites in line with the new Core Web Vitals . Marketing tools and advertising platforms. Such as Google Tag Manager (GTM) or Facebook Ads. Are increasingly emerging as the culprit in speed tests such as Page Speed ​​Insights these days. Marketers can no longer simply place all kinds of tags with impunity.

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