Zipko van Vliet’s personal LinkedIn cover. Cover on Kenya WhatsApp Number List LinkedIn by Ritsko van Vliet (van Vliet, 2022). Current position and employer Adding a position and employer is a logical step. But realize that in addition to your current position, you can also add other activities, such as volunteering or other projects that you are Kenya WhatsApp Number List working on. Relevant work experience Add all relevant work experience to your LinkedIn profile.

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The big advantage: you can fit much more than Kenya WhatsApp Number List on your classic CV. Indicate for each function exactly what you have done. Training, licenses & certificates You can also add evidence to training, licenses and certificates to make your profile even more complete. Skills What are you good at? And what are your qualities? Don’t forget to update it every now and then. Skills can also be endorsed, which means that someone confirms that you possess this quality.

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Kind of Interests Your interests are the pages Kenya WhatsApp Number List you follow, which are shown at the bottom of your profile. So be critical of which pages you follow. You often get invitations to follow pages. It is best to be aware of this: which pages suit me and which do not? Process keywords in profile There is a lot of room to add keywords to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a kind of search engine.

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