Its Information but is Not Exhausted in It. Stands Up to Any Explanation Whether We Believe. In It or Not That is It Does Not Need the Explanation. Much History Was Written Before. Photography Was Invented. It Was Written Important After Her. In Addition to Photography Animation. Or Even D Visualizations of Virtual Reality Could Be Used by. The Story to Underline a Discursive Description. To Make an Oral Claim More Persuasive and Accessible. Not Only Are They Not Going to Take His. Place but if the Historian Gives Too Much Importance to Their Veracity He Risks. Losing the Truth He is Looking for. Because the Photograph Requires a Constant Vigilance on the Part of the. Viewer So That He Can Be Left to Its Charm Without Succumbing to Its Verisimilitude.

Since any speech

About photography would be lame without photographic images let’s also attempt a wander through randomly selected photos from the Jewelry Retouching Service collection I use for my seminars. There could be others of these and endless in number. Let’s try the game of interpretation and deconstruction a little. And at the same time let’s try to perceive and enjoy their hidden power. First of all I will convey to you an experience of mine from which unfortunately I cannot provide you with photos. A few years ago I undertook to write for the newspaper Ta Nea an article about war photography from the war in Yugoslavia. I used the newspaper archive to quickly look through all the photos the agencies had sent.

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My second comment

Was about the journalistically good photos that were published. In none of them was the presence of war evident. A demolished house and Email Lead in front of its facade a villager with a sad expression. It could be that the house was blown down or burned down by lightning the storm bad weather an earthquake the Indians the negligence of the housewife or a family feud. There was no indication that American bombing was responsible.  Yugoslavia or that the time was modern and not fifty or a hundred years ago. The photo was therefore used to reinforce and emotionally underline the journalist’s claim. The same could be said for the famous collapsed bridge. Another photo was even weirder or funnier. A family was eating on the grass of a public park houses could be seen all around.

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