Chinese companies for similar reasons. Facebook and Twitter say they are fighting the spread of QAnon-related conspiracy. Theories in the Balkans, but the movement is just getting started. Adis Valjevac says he and his colleagues are. Fighting “for the common man”, looking for people who think for themselves and, deep down. Think something is wrong on a global scale”.The Federal Bureau of Investigation. the FBI, however, says the movement Valjevac claims to represent is a domestic.Terrorist threat in the US. Less than three years since ‘QAnon’ appeared on the toxic messaging site chan, the conspiracy theory phenomenon has reached the Balkans, and Valjevac is one of its flag bearers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Created in May with Valjevac as one phone number database of its administrators, Q-ANON Bosna i Hercegovina has about  times a day, making it a small player in a major movement. QAnon Balkan boasts more than , members, QAnon Srbija [Serbia] has , and QAnon Hrvatska [Croatia] nearly , . Some of the most popular QAnon Facebook pages have more than , followers each. However, numbers are not everything.”You don’t need a large group of people to organize and demonstrate,” said Kevin Grisham, assistant director of the Center for Research on Hate and Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino.

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Even A Small Number Of People

Even if or people feel motivated Email Lead to do something, that’s already a considerable power. In the time of virtual activism,  can have considerable power,” he told BIRN. The best example is QAnon, which started as a small group but now operates globally. The actual number of conspiracy theory movements is not as alarming as the rate at which the number of members, sympathizers and supporters is growing. “From marginal movement to public conspiracy.  The founding myth of QAnon is that the world is controlled by a group of pedophiles. Democratic Party among them, who operate a global network of trafficking children for sexual exploitation.

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