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If you work in a particular field, you should work with content in that particular field. Content not only attracts people to your site and builds your brand, but also gives you authority. If Google views your site as a professional in a particular business, it will also prioritize your listings. Portfolio A variety of content is also a great way to attract both consumers and business customers. Properly designed real estate content will be incorporat into your local SEO. Let’s say you list a property in New York: with specific content related to New York, you’ll be able to find people searching for information about the city by location. Depending on how the Internet works, by clicking on your content, users can: a) check out what else is on the site, or b) start receiving your PPC ads when they’re interested. Examples of content


Optimized Tags for Images and Videos. Portfolio Famous Places and Their History

Housing trends. The reason why it is a great place for families (schools and other infrastructure) or for independent singles (nightlife, job opportunities, higher education institutions, etc.). Transport. And so on… Better Real Estate SEO Optimization A few quick notes: Use schema tags We have a special article about this , so we won’t spend much time here. You’ll be amazed at how many companies run sites without a schema. Portfolio This is a particularly important part of getting into that Top 3, which Google automatically creates and enables in a nice format to make it easier to get primary information. To learn more about your business, potential customers will pay attention to these records, including images that distinguish your services from standard SERP text. On-page optimization SEMrush Promoguy Website audit tool SEMrush This is another area where the SEMrush sensor works.

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