Unfortunately, it takes a lot of trial and error Tajikistan Email List, as what works very well for one company can work fatally for another, even in the same industry. Similarly, the slope of the orange curve (in this example a logarithmic scale of 1.5, somewhat exaggerated so that the difference is clear) may not be so steep or even reach a plateau where it can no longer grow any more. All this information can only come from the study of each specific case and the realization not of one, but of many campaigns to know well how much and when to invest.

access the platform to find an idea, a product or a service that they can trust. 

The target is not well defined Hello, I am point number 3 and I have come to make your existence bitter. It turns out that saying “women from 30 to 60 years old” is a defined target is like saying “this season the blue is worn” and getting involved in ordering blue clothes thinking that they are going to take them off your hands. Defining a target is complicated because you have to make a forecast of who may be interested in buying your products. For this, you can base yourself on previous experience (who and what your regular buyers are like) and on current trends.

Tajikistan Email List

It is not only about gender and age, but also place of residence and interests, as well as other demographic variables: people with children, no children, purchasing power …). If you consider yourself too broad a target, you will be wasting clicks generated by mere curiosity or accident but without any intention of purchase. If you narrow it too much, you will leave part of your potential customers out of the audience of your ads. 4. Ads are very bad, how many times have I heard the complaint of “my online advertising campaign does not work” from people who have very controlled the target, the CPC, the CTR, the ROI and the Summers corda,

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