Think of a team activity, a personal achievement, a look behind the scenes at the office. The way you prepare for a pitch or a presentation, an event you participate in or your personal view on recent developments. Need more ideas? Scroll right to China Phone Number the end of this article and I’ll give you 51 suggestions. Always ask yourself whether it fits the LinkedIn platform and whether it contributes to your personal image. There is often a positive response to personal content and this way your network gets to know you a little better. That strengthens the relationship and the goodwill factor. Do what suits you best and what you feel comfortable with. If you have good and relevant content for five days a week, that is allowed, but posting twice a week China Phone Number is also fine. Consistency is important and quality always trumps quantity.

51 content ideas for LinkedIn

Promote an event you are participating in. Share photos China Phone Number of events or gatherings where you are. Share developments in your field. Follow developments within your organization. Post (or repost) vacancies. Won a prize or award? Show it! Do a Q&A (livestream). Ask for an opinion via a poll. Answer the top 3 most frequently asked questions to you in a post. Let your network think about a certain product or service. Share milestones (anniversary, company exists x number of years). Pay attention to certificates or diplomas obtained. Take a look China Phone Number behind the scenes. Share valuable insights from a case study.

China Phone Number

Share your knowledge via a whitepaper or blog China Phone Number with tips. Give your opinion or insight on a topic from your industryfield. Share a personal experience that shaped your career. Share 3 learnings from an event or webinar you participated in. Give a tip based on your experience or expertise. Share your favorite tool. Create an infographic (via Canva) with tips and tricks. Organize a giveaway (e.g. 2x free tickets for an event). Tell us about the history of your organization. Choose a personal story that you have learned something from. Introduce your China Phone Number team in a photo or video. Share an interesting podcast or article you’ve read. Make it easy on yourself; share an old but still relevant blog . Put a customer or client in the spotlight. Can’t figure something out?



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