To that end, Toys ‘R’ Us has managed to create a UK Email List campaign that has become a viral phenomenon on social media. The toy store chain welcomes Christmas with a video showing an experiment carried out with children between the ages of 5 and 10. An audiovisual material that has given much to talk about thanks to its unexpected ending. In a statement Toys ‘R’ Us Spain highlighted that what they wanted to reflect in this video represents “the meaning that toys have for the little ones . ” And boy, has it been a true viral phenomenon, reaching more than 2 million views on YouTube. “What do children want for Christmas?” In the Toys ‘R’ Us video, they wanted to make it clear that at Christmas.

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the main protagonists are toys. In this sense, in this spot the question “What do children want for Christmas?” Is pronounced at first, while we see several families entering a Toys ‘R’ Us store and checking which toys they choose for their Their own account, that is, these children chose their favorite toys without their parents placing any particular condition on them. 5 children participating in this experiment explain which toy they have chosen and why they have chosen it, in turn they comment with whom they would like to premiere it at these parties. Without a doubt, it is a very emotional moment for parents to see how their children affirm that they would like to play more with their parents.

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that for one reason or another they do not have enough time for it. But, at the end of the video, the children have to face a decision that is resolved with a completely unexpected final twist that leaves everyone stunned, including the parents themselves. The origin of this experiment Toys ‘R’ Us Spain was commissioned to carry out this experiment based on a study carried out by the independent agency Dharma, in collaboration with the chain of stores itself, on November 30, 2021, taking into account a sample of 314 children from 5 and 10 years that represent the whole of the population in said age group,

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