Organizations want to show more than just that their products and services are of good quality and well priced. They also want to be relevant to their Armenia Phone Number customers at all times. If you want to offer a good experience as a marketer, access to first-party data is a requirement to get to know the customer. As part of a sophisticated data strategy, you will collect, analyze, activate and measure data in a smart and privacy-safe way. Let’s see Armenia Phone Number how this is possible and what it yields. What is first party data?

What is first-party data?

In addition, stricter privacy laws ensure that marketers can no longer use data from third parties, the so-called third-party data. Therefore, the focus is shifting to first-party data. It takes thinking and technical knowledge to realize the right strategy and Armenia Phone Number an appropriate technological infrastructure to really use the power of first-party data. Even though most organizations have access to technology, they lack strategy and execution power. Adopting principles such as MarketingOPS, MachineLearningOPS and DataOPS certainly helps with this.

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Internal silos

‘OPS’ is about flexible and scalable design by Armenia Phone Number bringing components of lean, agile and scrum together. Also read: First party dates first! Answers to the most important questions Internal silos Another obstacle to using first-party data is internal silos. Systems that are not connected to each other. I see in practice that organizations do not fully exploit the possibilities of first-party data in their marketing efforts. Their databases are not integrated. The data ends up in separate systems. They don’t make this available for wider use. Collecting customer data is not always easy.

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