Crises in social networks can happen to any brand or organization. But many community managers try to solve the problem with one of the excuses.  We show you some examples. Mexico.- crises in social networks can happen. To any brand or organization, but many community. Managers try to solve the problem with one of the excuses that are already. Part of popular culture and almost nobody believes: “They hacked our account”Do you take care of the value of your brand in social. Networks? To grow digitally, the likes of social networks are useless.

Cnmd2014 Our Account Was Hacked or Our Security Was.

Compromised” are probably the least credible phrases. On social media, especially when said after what are clearly human errors by account managers. Even if the hack is real, public opinion hardly believes it. We show. You four examples of brands that resorted. To this “old trick” and one that accepted the error of its employees. 1. Peyrelongue chronos. This is the Jordan B2B List most recent case of a “hacked account”. After the tragedy in which a pipe caused an explosion. In a children’s hospital in mexico city, the jewelry store’s twitter account made. A comment that outraged social networks. That’s what happens to them as ugly and not getting a husband.

Who Can Pay for a Private Clinic Cuajimalpa Peyrelongue?

Jordan B2B List

Chronos jersey. They quickly published a press release. Stating that their account had been hacked, but only for a little while. Twothree 4. Psoe excuses are not exclusive to brands, organizations. And political parties are also wrong and resort to. “they hacked us” to justify themselves. That was the case of the spanish socialist workers party in 2012. Four 5. 50 friends. This account also published offensive comments about the ayotzinapa case. At first they thought they had been hacked but after the.

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