Is a daily stand-up, on location or online, really the best way to keep each other informed about who is doing what or is there another way? Is the adage of agile working to deliver working products rather than good documentation in a hybrid or even fully remote working environment completely tenable? And are the individual preferences of colleagues when it comes to focus time and appointment-free days compatible? c. Hybrid working for organizations Uganda Phone Number And it requires an organization to switch — insofar as this has not yet been implemented in recent years — from an eye for input for the work to output of the work.

The role of the digital work

Input means as much as: which people Uganda Phone Number work according to which procedures at what time on which tasks and are successful in doing so? Output is more like this: what do we need to be successful and which people do we need to equip with what to do that effectively and efficiently. And that equipping doesn’t just mean time and resources, but also psychological safety and well-being.


Hybrid working changes

‘Work has left the building’, was the title of Jitske Kramer’s book. And that is largely true if you mean the office by ‘building’. Work has mainly become independent of that one building. At least that’s how much the coronavirus has taught us. Indeed with trial and error, but what did you think, in the middle of a pandemic?

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