In social networks, as it is so easy to click on the “follow” button, sometimes we end up being followers of hundreds and hundreds of accounts that, in the long run, do not end up interesting us. As a result, they appear in our news, stories and other publications that do not interest us, but force us to scroll with the consequent loss of time. We could do a periodic review of which accounts we want to delete manually, but as we have said, sometimes there are so many that it is an arduous task. Instagram has thought about this because, it seems, it happens to all of us. To do this, it has launched a functionality that allows us to directly access the list of followers with whom we interact the least and, therefore, carry out the proper screening in a simpler way.

How to know the accounts with which you interact the least This new functionality is very useful and easy to use, too. What we have to do is: Go to our general profile where our feed and other publications are shown, to the “following” section in the upper right corner. Once inside, you can see that before the accounts you follow, there appears to be a “categories” section and two subcategories below: People with whom you interact the least : here are the profiles with whom we have the least relationship (likes, comments…) Accounts most shown in the news : this section shows the accounts that, as their name suggests, appear the most in the news and that, due to the variables of the Instagram algorithm, will partly include those with which you interact the most.

The Features That Make Instagram

less instagram interaction From there you can enter Afghanistan Email List  see the profiles to decide who to continue following or who to stop following. In addition, you will see that in the image we have also marked an area in the second image where it says “default”. Well, there it is allowed, by giving the inverse arrows that we have indicated to your right, to know who you follow with more seniority and order them by that characteristic. But…there is more. This information provided by these new functionalities also allows us to put into practice another functionality… How to mute Instagram profiles without unfollowing This utility is extremely useful for optimizing the time spent on Instagram by making it easier for what you’re looking for to appear in your feed, or at least stop what you’re not looking for from appearing.

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It may be the case that a profile begins to publish too much or you want to take. A break from it because it fills your news space too much and this is where. The possibility of muting profiles takes place. This action, moreover, is harmless to your relationship with the other. Profile since they are not notified that you have silenced them. But where can I do it? You go to your profile. You go to “following” at the top right. You look for the profile you want to mute and. Without entering it, you will see three dots on the right. When you click on it, the option to “mute” will appear. And when you enter, the option to silence notifications or stories, depending on what you want. In addition, the message tells you that the person will not be notified that you have muted them.

Anyway, These Are Some Of

Differences between restrict and block Unlike all of the above, we have two more options to control. This time one step further, our activity on Instagram from the rest with respect to us. Restrict accounts on Instagram In the previous cases, either you stop following. Or simply silence without consequences for your relationship with the other. If you restrict, however, you limit interactions. With this, that profile can continue writing messages and communicating. But their messages will arrive as requests and they will not be able to know if you. Have read them or if you are connected. Also, comments will not be visible unless you approve them. Conclution? The restriction is one more step to avoid interaction without having to block.

The steps to do it are: You go to the profile you want to unfollow. You give the three points on the right and the following options appear, among which is «restrict» and select restrict. Block accounts on Instagram This is the most drastic step. You avoid all contact with that profile that will not be able to relate to you or your content. In the same way that you will not be able to see his full profile either: fair game. This functionality does not notify the other profile that you have blocked it. But since they cannot see your content. It is likely to be a fact that becomes known in time for the blocked profile. The steps are the same as those for restricting, but instead of selecting restrict, we must select “block”.

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