The internet propitiates a second golden age of this type of sales strategy. Its origin is somewhat uncertain, but it was from 1894. When coupons were consolidated as one of the most widely used promotional .Marketing tools, when coca-cola used them so that potential consumers. Could try their new product. Over time they have been found in very varied media. And in multiple forms: yearbooks, mailings, or brochures, but.. The arrival of the internet is leading to a new boom in this strategy. The web is the medium in which it is resurfacing as it takes advantage. Of the rise of websites related to commerce. In fact, the issuance of discount coupons has maintained. A constant growth since 2009 with 345%, according to comscore. The effects of the crisis, the growth of icts, the increase in online users and consumers.

As Well as the Arrival of Navigation Through Mobile Telephony.

Among others, have caused a growth in the sale of online coupons in spain. The incorporation of this system of discounts to the online. World and to downloads on mobile phones has caused. The reference audience to Germany Business Fax List be younger and, in the case of mobile phones, preferably male. The characteristics of the companies. That use this tool have also undergone their variations, from prestigious brands. That make offers on the network to medium-sized companies. That seek to attract new customers to their businesses. Spanish companies are no exception and have jumped on the coupon bandwagon. Discount coupons have become one o.

The Most Sought After Products by Spanish Internet Users.

Germany Business Fax List

According to data from opportunista.Com, its use has multiplied by 5 compared. To the figures for 2009. But this has only just begun, because businesses are starting. To bet on online coupons as a marketing tool. The companies begin to lead the promotional activity. On the network, so letsbonus, grupalia or ciudadmarket. Develop a very encouraging activity for the sector. Smes and coupons discount coupons have. Been a new sales channel for smes. Until recently, coupons seemed to be intended only for offers for department. Stores, restaurant chains or supermarkets, but this trend has changed. The inclusion in this type of offers in shops and in small. And medium-sized companies is increasing.

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