Offering & Asking for Help is okay. There are many Malaysia WhatsApp Number List professionals who like to think along with your issue. And if you see help questions in your timeline about your profession, then that is of course the time to post a comment.  You can learn to discuss Be active on LinkedIn by liking and commenting on posts. Participate in group Malaysia WhatsApp Number List  discussions and share your (business) opinion.

If You Need To

This increases authority and visibility. Do you find Malaysia WhatsApp Number List that exciting? Gradually try this and stick to discussions where you can remain yourself and you are confident with your expertise. Keep it professional LinkedIn is a business network with a business approach. It is actually a less suitable place for (too) personal stories such as on Facebook. We do see a shift from business to ‘more personal’ on LinkedIn. That’s fine. Everyone decides for themselves what they want to share.

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

Offering & Asking for Help

But it’s good to be critical of what your network Malaysia WhatsApp Number List wants to read or see. Snackable There is no need to always share long posts on LinkedIn. Scrolling is fast, so there’s nothing wrong with a light-hearted, short post. Sharing is caring Share (free) tips and tricks about your field, without asking anything in return. With this you also work on your goodwill: helping people without expecting anything in return.

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