Beyond these changes, the Kenya Email List Mountain View giant is also testing other edge-to-edge elements that, although they have not yet been officially released, many users have been able to test. These new Kenya Email List elements include an edge-to-edge image pack, featured snippets, and more. The new Google My Business makes local searches simpler These changes are relevant since, despite the fact that Google constantly Kenya Email List launches modifications to different visual elements and other functions and tools within its main menu in searches, these changes, whether small or large, can affect the way in that people use Google Search. And Kenya Email List it is that beyond impacting the frequency and type of search, these changes in Google will also impact which of the results users will click.

Voice searches will continue to grow

And of course this will imply a direct hit on click-through rates from search results from Kenya Email List Google for certain inquiries. Again Kenya Email List, we are about to end the year, and 2021 has presented a great challenge for the economy and society in general. Starting from the Covid-19 crisis, this year has been planned as a process of recovery and, at the same time, of renewal for everyone. Now, to see a little how we have carried this year of new normality, Kenya Email List Google has published its list of the most popular in its search Kenya Email List engine during this 2021. Spain has put aside the corona virus for the beautiful sport in the most sought after of 2021.

Kenya Email List

The video will be essential in the SEO strategy

This 2021 has been defined by the path towards a new normal after the confinement and the Kenya Email List restrictions imposed during the year of the pandemic. And this has been reflected in Google: according to the data provided by the online giant, searches related to covid Kenya Email List have almost disappeared from the top, thus leaving room for various searches related to sports, cinema or news, such as the volcanic eruption. on La Palma. The most Kenya Email List searched in Google Spain: general terms Eva Soriano, Victoria Martín and Valeria Ros have presented some of the main long-tail searches of this year, in which there has been room for all kinds of topics: from Kenya Email List “how is Spain going” , in reference to the performance of the national team in the Eurocup at “Love is in the air.

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