Facebook Ads is an online advertising platform that allows advertising on Facebook and Instagram. In another article we have already focused on all. The steps to follow to create a Facebook Ads ad . So today we will simply focus on several recommendations to optimize them to the maximum. Simply tell them to use Ads Manager, Power Editor or Business manager. The “promote” button that appears on the posts does not (it is the simplified option and you limit the possibilities). Some tips about Facebook and Instagram Ads Some tips about Facebook and Instagram Ads Be clear about the objective It will sound obvious, but the reason for creating an ad is not always clear. Obtain data, increase the visibility of your business


generate traffic, increase sales, increase community… be clear about it and choose the most appropriate ad and formats. Target conversion with the “call to action” button In different ad formats, Facebook/Instagram allows you to add a call to action button of the type more information, buy or send a message. Use them to increase your chances as an advertiser. Define your target without losing perspective It is true that our audience needs to be wide to get good results, but do not try to cover too much because it can also limit conversions. Why? If your target is too large, numerous people. Who are not interested in what you offer. 150-200 thousand people can be a good number to work on and validate.

What Is Facebook Ads

Do not forget the options «Refine and Exclu  Antigua and Barbuda Email List have it clear Within the ad configuration options, in the “Public” section, we can exclude people who meet a certain characteristic of interests (greater than those previously established) or include them by adding the previous interests (that is, they must meet them and also this condition). If you have it clear, do it. For example, you create an ad targeting people who are interested in soccer and you don’t want them to be just fans of the local team, but you don’t want them to be fans of its biggest rival. Well, you limit excluding interests related to your rival team. Unique daily scope and modifications Constantly displaying an identical ad can be annoying.

Antigua and Barbuda Email List

That is why it is recommended to limit the unique daily reach (in this way, the tool will only show the ad once a day per user) and modify the ad image or create replicas with certain changes every few days (4-5 days). Apply the AIDA model This model is summarized in Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Every ad should be based on this formula. The copy, the image, what you offer… when working with these elements, keep in mind the AIDA model. In principle, “automatic mode” If you are not a great expert in handling the tool, it is best not to modify all the options that Facebook establishes as recommended. That said,there are some exceptions. have a realistic budget, use tips such as those indicated and know the tool well.

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The Audience Network / Red de Sitios locations of Facebook Ads (the majority are banners in apps that are not interesting and produce clicks even by mistake). And also keep in mind that if you only want to show the ads on Instagram, you must uncheck the rest of the placements. Trial and error It may sound strange in an article on recommendations for optimizing Facebook and Instagram Ads. But it is true. It is recommended to create 2, 4, 5, 6… variants of the same ad, to compare results and optimize results. Perform the tests with a small percentage of the total to invest and then opt for the configurations that obtain the best results. Don’t forget the “see more” When we publish posts with extremely long copy,


by default it is not fully displayed. The tool shortens it and says “see more”. This is why it is important to display the relevant information at the beginning. On Instagram, the “see more” appears after 144 characters and in the Facebook news section after 322. Recommendation: use enough emojis to reduce the number of words needed and thus limit the number of characters used. Adapt the image Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram, as with the visible characters before the “see more”, use different image formats. Adapt the size to each case, the tool itself specifies the recommended size. Is it necessary to advertise on Facebook and Instagram Ads? Is it necessary to advertise on Facebook and Instagram Ads? If we want to promote a certain campaign or generate a large number of leads/conversions,

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