You have no idea when which posts Uruguay WhatsApp Number List were posted, for example. Fortunately, the new functions offer a solution. They are, as Instagram points out, ways to keep up to date with recent posts from accounts you follow. Your favorite accounts in one overview You can choose your own accounts for the Favorites feed, such Uruguay WhatsApp Number List as your friends or certain creator accounts.

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It concerns a maximum of 50 accounts. Their posts Uruguay WhatsApp Number List will appear higher up in your home feed (with a star icon). add an option to favorites notification added to favorites in Instagram feed How do you add an account to Favorites? With a post from that account, you can click on the 3 dots at the top right and tick ‘Add to Favorites’. Or you can go to that person’s profile, click on ‘Next’ and then choose ‘Add to Favorites’. You can Uruguay WhatsApp Number List always make changes to this list, those affected will not be notified.

Uruguay WhatsApp Number List

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add a profile to favorites All accounts you Uruguay WhatsApp Number List follow Following shows the posts from the accounts you already follow, also chronologically so that you don’t miss the most recently posted posts. Using Favorites or Following? Then tap the Instagram logo at the top left of your home feed to choose what you want to see. Following and favorites option Instagram Reset every time.

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