There are no more or less pathetic victims of violence. Violence is one abhorrent and rejectable in its entirety. And violence is always exerted by the strong against the weak. Children women the poor the sensitive are her usual victims. However violence is not born for the first time in the mind of the powerful. It is most often incubated or nurtured during childhood. That is why the pedagogical responsibility of the school and the family is important. The overly tolerant parenting that has prevailed in recent years parenting without obligations and rules nurtures violence. The child grows up centered on himself and as a weapon of supposedly inalienable rights that have been assigned to him by an overprotective environment.

In its elemental form violence

Is nothing more than someone’s inability to tolerate his neighbor with respect for the other person’s personality. However tolerance like any Image Manipulation Service value is not inherent. It is taught with the help of firm rules legitimate boundaries and positive examples so that innate childish egoism is curbed by accepting values ​​and principles of coexistence and respect. If childish egoism is left to its own devices as soon as it is combined with whatever power life and more mature age offers it it is very dangerous for it to manifest itself in violence and rejection of its neighbor. The simplest example of a first substratum of fostering violence so simple in fact that no one suspects it is today’s prevailing contempt for the socalled rules of good behavior. And yet this is where one must start because these rules are a sign of respect for others.

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The much despised

Thank You and Please or Holding a Door. Or Respecting the Elderly or Observing Priority. Or the Way of Dressing and So Many Other Things. That in Email Lead Parenting Are Considered Obsolete and That. The Generation of Baby Boomer Parents is  Together. Because They Give Importance to the Other Person. As Soon as Importance is Degraded as a Value Then. The Presence of the Other is Nothing More Than an Obstacle to the Development. Of Our Egoism Thus a Field for the Possible Exercise of Violence. The Christian Discourse About the Other Side or About. The Neighbor Who is Ourselves or About Peter’s Knife Follows Much Further and is Much More Difficult. But if We Despise These Simple Rules We Shall Probably Not Reach.

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