A group within a group When I read that Bahamas WhatsApp Number List WhatsApp is working on a ‘groups within groups’ feature I thought ‘oh no, not even more groups!’ But actually, this is a really handy feature. Imagine you’re in a group chat and it’s someone’s birthday. Then you can create a group conversation in that app group, without the party bunny. So you can secretly discuss gifts.

As An Example

Or, for example, if you have a large group Bahamas WhatsApp Number List from a sports association. Then you can create a separate group in the group for the board so that you can consult there before you throw a new announcement in the entire group. There is still something to wish for What I would really like is if WhatsApp comes with a poll function.

Bahamas WhatsApp Number List

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So that you can find out in group conversations, for Bahamas WhatsApp Number List example, which country you prefer for a weekend away. And then a date picker-like feature would come in handy too! In addition, it would be great if you can pin messages so that they remain at the top of your image until you check it off. And since WhatsApp is from Meta (Facebook), it would also be nice if we were notified in WhatsApp when it’s someone’s birthday.


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