But for large corporates, the challenge is greater and having Qatar WhatsApp Number List your own server under management will become a serious consideration. Is your brand ready yet? In the article by Anneloes Meijers from September 2021, you can read exactly what the advantages are of server-side tagging. 4. Videos: less is more?! Videos have become Qatar WhatsApp Number List indispensable on social media platforms. Especially short videos are now very popular. But what falls into the “short videos” category?

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By a short video, we generally mean a video of  Qatar WhatsApp Number List about 5 to 60 seconds that is shared on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram (stories and reels) and YouTube (shorts). Why choose short videos? Our shortening social media tension has meant that longer videos are less and less effective. Short videos are therefore a good way to immediately attract attention.

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The Guise Of Privacy

Due to the power of repetition, short Qatar WhatsApp Number List videos (also known as short form ) are rewatched more often than longer videos and therefore often stick better. A nice side effect: the content creation of short videos on these platforms does not require a high budget. This is because you can produce ‘on-the-spot’ content relatively easily and spontaneously.

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