Another less photogenic disease. His weakness in this case does not emphasize the condition but the unprotected man. The direction succeeded in transforming the minor details into a major photographic event. The light from the window skeletonizes the hand reaching for it. Laughter isolated and static can turn into a scream a grimace a threat. And the hand that embraces can grow claws. A photo with a useless and common piece of information dancing couple and laughing lady unknown where unknown when can become a comment for a lifetime. Photo The relevant examples could go on forever. But what is the lesson.

Every time the photograph

Says something this something is a selfexplanatory and extremely simple piece of information which acquires an abstract and poetically Remove Background Image metaphorical value through the intervention of the photographer. Every time we think that a photo says a lot that it narrates that it comments that it philosophizes this happens only through its caption and the context. Once these are removed the photo falls apart. If the science of history uses photography let it do so with the above in mind. Even in its emotional underlining if that can find a place in historical reflection. I believe that in the hands of a worthy scientist the photograph can be a useful supplement. But it will never replace reason as evidence and argument.This letter of mine to the members of the Circle is the result of indignation wonder and bitterness. I wish I didn’t have to write it.

Remove Background Image

Unfortunately I was too late

To write it  My livelihood and my joy as you know is my teaching. The Circle is neither a necessary condition nor a necessary Email Lead result of my seminars.If the Circle Does Not Bring Together. Likeminded People With a Critical Position. Regarding Photography It Has No Reason to Exist. And I Can Continue to Teach at Least as Long as Some People. Choose Me Without the Existence of the Circle. This is What I Have Tried for Some Years to Emphasize Choosing to Teach in Benaki and No Longer in Tsakalov. Removing the Designation of the Seminars as Photographic. Circle Seminars and Finally Transferring All Teaching Activities. Under My Name to My Personal Site . The Artistic Identity of the Circle Has Been Defined by a Multitude of My Texts Books and Articles. Some of My Students Have From Time to Time Disagreed With These. And Quite Understandably and Respectfully Dropped Out of the Circle or Never Signed Up to It.

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