professor of the Master in digital marketing Palestine Email List at the DEEM business school , who has worked both in an agency, as in a new technology company and in a large company. She offers us a series of Palestine Email List advantages and disadvantages so that you can get an idea of ​​what the job is like in different companies. Curia Lara, SEO Consultant at Digital Curia Lara Curia Lara enters the professional world through Digital Mensa, a digital marketing agency belonging to the Mensa Media group. “ Being a junior profile, I think that starting Palestine Email List to work in a digital marketing agency is the best option. Palestine Email List You have the opportunity to have different clients from different sectors and different solutions to offer them.

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The diversity of companies, Palestine Email List which I help to position their websites, allow me to learn something new, day by day, and face a different challenge. In addition, according to the needs of the clients, I must carry out a different organic positioning strategy ”, he explains. ” As an organic positioning consultant at Digital Mensa Palestine Email List, I realize how up-to-date it is necessary to be in this sector, since every day changes in the Google algorithm may arise that make web positioning strategies improve or harm ” he adds. Advantages of working in an agency Palestine Email List Laura Gallop agrees with Curia on the advantages Palestine Email List of working in an agency. Add that you know a lot of people, fellow specialists from whom you can learn a lot.

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“The pace of work is hectic, you never get bored!” tells us. Disadvantages Palestine Email List Regarding the disadvantages of agencies, Laura Gallop emphasizes that the worst is ” that you know when you go to work but not when you Palestine Email List leave .” Dealing with many different clients can turn out to be a disadvantage as well. Another of his mentions was that ” there is more turnover than in other types of companies in terms of talent . Palestine Email List” In addition, “the agency is looking for specialist profiles so you must be clear about where you want to go” he adds . Finally, he tells us that ” the time dedicated to each project is limited Palestine Email List, so it is often difficult to manage results .” Vicente Bella,

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