This roda golf & beach resort viral marketing campaign is based. On a fun test-barometer that is received via email and measures. The desire to go on vacation. Without a doubt, viral marketing continues. To be a resource of growing use due to its proven high level of efficiency, due. To the ability to reach a wide target audience from a limited investment.Against. The crisis: imagination. The portavoz agency has designed. An original, interesting and transgressive. Viral marketing campaign: “el vacaciómetro”. It is a fun test-barometer that measures, precisely, that desire. To go on vacation that everyone has at this time. The vacaciómetro.Com is a minisite, sponsored by roda golf & beach resort, which in a fun. And lively way measures the level of stress. And, therefore, the possible symptoms of this “Pre-holiday state”.

It Is a Different Daring and Innovative Way That Roda.

Golf & beach resort has used to reach its public, and it emerges. As an imaginative resource to deal with the drop in sales in recent months. To give it a touch of greater realism, they have used. The so-called “Burnout worker syndrome”, a real phenomenon. That increasingly affects more workers. The Finland B2B List vacuum meter is supposed to measure. The level of said syndrome.Viral marketing uses email to reach. The target audience of the resort located in san javier. When you open the mail, the initial screen invites you to measure. The desire to take a vacation. Once you click on it, you access a second. Screen where it is explained very briefly.

What the Vacancy Meter Is and How It Is Used.

Finland B2B List

Once the test has started, a bar will measure the level of “Need for vacations”. Meanwhile, irritating phrases will appear in order to “Provoke” the target audience. At the end of the 15 seconds that the test lasts, a short and nice sentence will announce the result obtained in the test… And, finally, it is used to give the link to the roda golf & beach resort website. Tags marketing viral recommended there is no turning back now for addressable advertising, linear television’s great hope of salvation.

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