The role of online marketing is so decisive for brands that the figures for investment. In online advertising skyrocket, while, in parallel, their opening to the environment. Of social networks continues to proliferate without stopping. However, studies confirm that consumers feel a lack of attention to their needs by brands. On social networks, so it is essential to define the qualities that any new leader. Or representative of a corporate identity in the environment should have. Of social media. Analyzed from the swot point of view of the platform. We find that one of the most powerful weaknesses underlying social networks is found.

In Community Leaders and Therefore Opinion Leaders Who.

Not only do not promote constant quality or they do not exercise active listening. But are unable to consider criticism and suggestions as. A way to improve and to interact face to face. With their target groupof course, no one likes to Dubai Business Fax List be told what is wrong. But there is no doubt that all things considered, it is an opportunity that consumers give to brands. Users are also consumers, so they require leaders who are more committed.To their goals and functions, but they also seek professionals capable of combining the virtues. Of the laws of the universe with the precepts of coaching and motivation. As a way of life and with the pragmatism inherent in the analysis of the variables. This combination will provide the necessary balance to become new leaders.

The Philosopher’s Stones of Consumer Trends.

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Of booming businesses, of prosperous brands. But also of the small entrepreneur or sme. The new opinion leaders are those people who bear the responsibility of being the business card of a brand. But always without losing sight of the interests and needs of the users they represent. Quality is only achieved with quality, so community managers. And new opinion leaders must be very aware that it is on them. That the success of an online marketing strategy depends and, therefore.

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