Strands and alianzo have presented the third edition of the hazruido. Contest , for positioning in google and viral marketing on the internet. The contest will officially start on october 15 and end. On december 15. During that time, each participant will be able to create. One or more websites, with or without videos, to make theirs the most visited. And the most linked. In addition, a jury made up of bloggers, video bloggers. And marketing experts will select those projects that are the most creative. The new edition of hazruido will have two modalities: positioning in google . Contestants will. Have to ensure that their website is the one that appears first in google. When searching for a certain word invented by the organization of the contest. And that does not previously exist.

This Year’s Invented Word Will Be Announced on.

The contest website on october 15 at 12 noon (madrid time). Viral marketing . The contestants will have to make their website. The most visited during the duration of the contest. These websites will be hosted on a special server to ensure that everyone. Has the same opportunities. The Croatia B2B List contestants will be able to use promotion strategies. On social networks, blogs or e-mail to publicize their projects and attract visits. Last year, a website dedicated to selling alleged isabel pantoja bracelets was imposed. In this category and managed to capture the attention of the main programs from the heart of television.

The Winners in Each Category Will Receive Prizes.

Croatia B2B List

Courtesy of strands, a 13-inch apple macair laptop (best ranking). And an ipod touch and a campaign valued at €1,500 (best viral marketing campaign). In addition, the best video will receive a sony dcr-3r35e camcorder. With built-in hard drive as a prize. More information http://hazruido.Com tags hazruido marketing posicionamiento internet. Recommended there is no turning back now for addressable advertising, linear television’s great hope of salvationtelevision. There is no turning back now for addressable advertising, linear television’s great. The hope of salvationfacebook is going to all out war against tiktok.

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