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The personal wave course and the twenty waves. The time language of the twenty new keys is a language unlike any other language, which includes spiral shap shapes and symbol, it allows us to know ourselves deeply. Qualification in this track you will have all the tools to heal yourself and you will be able to teach at a high professional level the knowlge of the twenty keys of time. A “self-healing” track will help you heal yourself and others. The course is a series of five courses, where each course builds on the last. 

Netherlands Phone Number List

Netherlands Mobile Number List

The route is suitable for everyone For anyone who wants to get tools for self-healing. For those with therapeutic and training skills. Who want to teach and transfer knowlge. Trainers and therapists have. 

Also for those who want to open astrological and numerological maps. Or have a vision to explore deeper levels of learning. This is a track for those who want to get tools to heal themselves. It is also suitable for anyone who has a therapeutic and instructional affinity and wants to teach and pass on the knowlge. Trainers and therapists from different approaches who wish to expand their toolbox.

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The training focuses on expanding our awareness of the present moment and  ourselves. Track Personal Maya map route During the course you will receive a personal training booklet of about twenty pages with a lot of personal information, tools for self-diagnosis and practical instructions for practice. Personal Maya map route Description  A journey through personal healing and change awaits.

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The map is an easy way to help yourself and explore new possibilities. you should feel calmer and Mitation and movement combin with the Haggadah and music offer a fun way to tap into your subconscious. The coding process makes this personal experience of self-healing more powerful.  It was also there to help us in every moment of our lives.

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