Analysis and planning Another important Saint Lucia Email List aspect is having an analytical aptitude. “ This is a profession in which you have to make important decisions and to achieve this you have to know how to use Saint Lucia Email List and analyze data. This analytical perspective allows the planning of specific campaigns aimed at meeting the company’s objectives ”explains Vicente Belda. 3. Adaptability and constant learning Marta Vidal Saint Lucia Email List, for her part, emphasized adaptability and evolution within the sector: ” I think it is essential to know how to adapt to change and understand the needs that may arise in your company ” . « In addition, I believe that marketing has to be a passion that makes you Saint Lucia Email List want to be in continuous learning, that generates concerns.

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That encourages you to investigate Saint Lucia Email List to be up-to-date with both marketing trends and real cases of companies. Not necessarily successful! Since the lessons learned from successful campaigns Saint Lucia Email List are just as important as those from the wrong ones, ”says Marta. Training At this point, you may wonder what is the ideal training to get there. We recommend that you take a look at our top online and face-to-face digital Saint Lucia Email List marketing masters . Nuria, Vicente and Marta have completed the Master in digital marketing from the EDEM business school . A master’s degree that consists of eight months of apprenticeships in marketing Saint Lucia Email List, taught by specialist professors in the sector. The master is divided into 8 modules where the main areas of marketing are touched.

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The financial planning Saint Lucia Email List and analysis startup Abacus has closed a Series A round of $ 25M (more than 22 million euros), which places its total financing at $ 33M. The round has been led by Atomic , with the participation of Memorandum, FJ Labs and S16VC, among other investors. What is Abacus, which had closed a € 5.9M Saint Lucia Email List seed capital round in April this year, was created in 2019 by Julio Martinez Saint Lucia Email List (former CEO at Innocents) and Jorge Lluch (former COO at Travel Perk and former CFO at Wallop) with the objective of simplifying the financial planning and analysis process in verticals such as Saar, Saint Lucia Email List fin tech, marketplaces and mobility.

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