Since its appearance in 2004, facebook has revolutionized the way of communicating, due. To the ease of knowing information. However, in terms of content regulation, the rules are not fully defined. International .- since its appearance in 2004 , facebook has revolutionized. The way of communicating, due to the ease of knowing information. However, in terms of content regulation, the rules are not fully defined. More related notes: facebook can cause depression due to envy of your friends types of posts on facebook. That affect your professional image alleged porn video on facebook infects thousands. Of users’ computerswith more than 1.23 billion active users, facebook leads the social networking industry. For this reason, on this occasion we present. Some nations that regulate the content to be published.

The Book the Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick Argues.

That the social network has so much influence on people’s lives. That it should be controlled by an international body like the united nations. However, in terms of digital regulation, the Poland B2B List laws are not clear, so some countries. Adopted their own measures, before which facebook gave its authorization because not doing so implies a risk to its profits and its presence. In said territory. Although the social network has always raised the flag of free expression, on some occasions. It made the decision to censor content, at the risk of closure by local authorities. Among the most significant cases of this situation are the countries. Of india, turkey and pakistan, where blasphemy.

Criticism of the Government or Offensive Comments.

Poland B2B List

According to the social network itself and data published on its public. Website government requests report, in the first half of 2014, facebook. Blocked almost 5,000 content in india, almost 2,000 in turkey, and the same number in pakistan. It is worth mentioning that these contents. However, not all censorship requests come from developing nations. Such is the case in france, germany and the united kingdom, where. There is also a censorship regulation. Sources: govt requests.Facer strategies.

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