Once again, the rumors about the arrival of a new apple product on the market become. The focus of many forums and media. And it is not for less, since while waiting. For the new ipad 2 to be officially announced by those from cupertino. To start being marketed, speculation and talk about the possible. Arrival of the ipad for the fall of 2011 is already beginning. Although this may seem unbelievable to many, the truth. Is that the story could be much more true than many would think, although for others, it could simply. Be a new dropper marketing strategy from apple, carefully planned to continue generating expectation. It is more than evident that the ipad 3 will hit. The market sooner or later, but perhaps this is not the time despite.

All the Rumors That Exist in This Regard It Is More Likely.

That if true it could be just a new improved model but without. Major apparent changes in its current design. Or not? History repeats itself once again through a media source. On this occasion, from the hand of john gruber, analyst. Of the daring fireball site and influential blogger with exceptional sources and contacts within apple. And who after analyzing the Brazil Business Fax List possible delay in the arrival. Of the new hp touchpad tablet on the market, could come across with the launch of the ipad 3. Despite the fact that shortly after grube himself wanted to rectify his comments.

Alluding That It Was Simply a Simple Assumption.

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The truth is that taking into account his contacts within apple. And access to privileged information, the rumor began to spread rapidly. To liven up the atmosphere and fuel the great expectation generated. Techcrunch’s mc siegler joined the cause, stating and assuring from a good. Source that apple was preparing a big surprise for the fall. And that he had also heard that this new product was nothing. More and nothing less than a new version of the ipad with which apple intended to dazzle us.

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