I often feel not only useless but also exhausted to advise photographers who have been my students and help them in a series of artistic choices which the next day they betray with the greatest ease to participate in a group or an exhibition with a completely different artistic I believe only to serve a personal ambition. I also emphatically emphasize that the fact that their photos may be good is of no concern at all. Each photograph due to the essential and at the same time charming weakness of the medium always like a chameleon takes on the characteristics of the environment in which it is exhibited. Whether this concerns other photographs or the space or the artists and their beliefs or and often mainly the reasoning behind an exhibition.

In photography more

Than in Any Other Art Form the Adaptation. Of the Saying Tell Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are Applies. And It Baffles Me to Photo Restoration Say the Least to See Someone So Easily Change Into Artistic. Clothing Especially When I’ve Chosen It Myself in the Context. Of a Curated Exhibition or Book. I Therefore Ask and Urge Members to Think Very Seriously. About When to Whom and Where They Will Share Their Likes Because. The Equal Presence of All Without Exception Benefits the Average. When They Treat Everything as an Equally Worthwhile. Activity and When Everyone Applauds Them All They Not Only Don’t Help Photography They Reinforce. No Matter How Wellintentioned Bad Photography. I Also Ask Them to Think Even More Seriously About Where With Whom and Why They Will Exhibit Their Photos. A Long Resume Does Not Honor the Photographer or the. Circle if He is a Member but a Consistent Resume Does.

Photo Restoration

Since nothing is more

Instructive than a clear example I would like you to think what you would think of me if you learned that after my autobiographical book Email Lead and the Circle scrapbook I edited an exhibition by Andres Serrano or a book by Nobuyoshi Araki  point of being a member of The Circle if one doesn’t believe in a few things that aren’t true of others elsewhere. After all the Circle and I do not have much communication or financial power and we cannot secure anything for the members not even promise. The above is written to point out the frequent and varied similar phenomena that come under my notice. They were also written to emphasize that being a member of The Circle carries a weight. Not only the spiritual and moral consistency but also my own whining.Albert Camus said that the moment a wronged person takes up a gun he already has one foot in the territory of injustice.

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