This can be extremely useful when shooting motion, as Japan WhatsApp Number List well as during portrait photography. You can then choose from dozens of photos from the burst, and choose the photo in which the movement comes into its own best, or in which everyone in the group has their eyes open, for example. Between the series of photos there is almost Japan WhatsApp Number List always one that turned out well.

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Create an unexpected corner A photo is taken in Japan WhatsApp Number List this way. But consciously think about the angle you can choose. Far away, close or oblique for example. Or put your camera on the floor, table or in the kitchen cupboard. You can also take a photo from right above. Keep the camera flat, so that there is no depth in the photo. This is also called flat-lay and can provide cool photos.

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Conversely, you can opt for a shot with Japan WhatsApp Number List depth, the so -called Bokeh effect . This will blur the background, which often looks professional for Instagram photos. Edit your photo I myself am a fan of minimal editing. But still I share two tips. For example, you can choose to make one part of a photo stand out with an intense color. This can be done via Adobe Lightroom or Snapseed .


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