Social networks are attractive and playful, but they are not a game. If you use them in marketingsantiago, chile.- social media continues. To be a daily challenge for the industry. Nothing that we discover one day is repeated the next day. The emotional ups and downs of the fans (of people in general). Can give us an amazing victory today and tomorrow a blow that leaves us flat. On our backs in the middle of the track. This being the case, it seems that everything. We have learned in these years, at times is of no use to us. However, there are things that do not change, the mistakes we make without knowing. More related posts: a nice campaign on social media to encourage. Organ donation 4 tips so that your brand does not.

Fall Into Useless Controversies on Social Media.

Shake shack and the example of how small chains become successful. In social mediaforget both directions of the road. Gone are the times when an advertisement conquered or alienated potential customers. The Ukraine WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists information was one-way and the prospect believed it or not, but there was no discussion. Today, social networks demand interaction with the client. And the client is a human being who no longer accepts everything.That is offered to him. He argues, criticizes, destroys and rebuilds a brand as many times as he wants. The cm must be prepared for the onslaught and if he doesn’t have the answers. He must learn to get them in a timely manner. To be silent or to attack are not options. Consider social networks as a game.

Working in Social Networks Is Attractive and Entertaining.

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But it is not a game. Behind each interaction there is an objective, a planned. Path (or redirected when appropriate) and whoever drives. The communication vehicle must know where it is going. One thing is entertainment, which leads to balance; another thing is ignorance. Obsessed with advertising. You have a new video, a recent poster and you are dying to post them. Okay, once or twice. More is abuse. No one wants to keep seeing ads on their wall all the time. Social networks, even if they belong to a company. Must be a tool for rapprochement, social engagement. Promotion will come later and only when necessary.

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