Branding encompasses everything that refers to the transmission of the brand concept . From the visual aspect to the strategy of transmitting values ​​and differentiation. Branding is the whole strategy that is carried out to transmit “the soul” of the brand . That soul, all its little cosmic universe that makes seeing . Its logo or hearing about it evoke confidence, modernity, respect, avant-garde… That is the achievement of branding. In this article, however, we do not want to make a presentation on the concept of branding . But rather to understand the concept and trends for 2022. Specifically, in its most visual aspect. What branding trend awaits us in 2022? Values ​​are changing . The environmental crisis, the pandemic that makes us return to the origin of what is truly important, and the very exhaustion of a capitalist model that strives for an escalation of consumption without limit means that, more and more, .

It is here where we enter into connection with the minimalism that emerges in 1960, in New York. This style focuses on geometric shapes and the trend towards the elemental . Today the movement ranges from painting, architecture and graphic design to a way of life. Piet Mondrian: elemental colors and geometric abstraction. What is minimalism in branding? Very short? The application of the concept of minimalism to the values ​​and visual image of the brand. Minimalism eliminates everything that is not essential. In this way, the message that the brand wants to .Transmit to the public is clearer and more direct. But it is important to understand the concept well. In minimalism in branding, it is not so relevant to know what to eliminate, but to know how to keep the essential. .

What Is Branding

Reasons to be minimalist in our branding? Trend: the rise of  Anguilla Email List the ecological, reusable and highly durable products and even the simplicity of the platforms so that . They are as intuitive as possible lead the user to look for such an accessible, simple and clean image trend in brands. Versatility: it is clear that the less artifice in the design, the more adaptive it is for the different channels and formats in which we advertise. Memory and impact: Minimalist logos and illustrations are more effective when it comes to remembering them, since they do not have as many elements to fix in the mind. In addition, they give a vision of modernity. Examples of minimalism in visual branding We see, below, how the image of well- known brands has advanced in pursuit of achieving minimalism and the long-awaited versatility.

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It is the most radical example of change that we bring. In its beginnings, its logo had the same shape, but it was given more relief and a whole chromatic rainbow to give it life. The change? We already know it. Only some lovers of retro, as we see in the image, still seek to keep it alive. This change brought elegance, simplicity and adaptability to the brand . Minimalism at Starbucks: Starbucks chose to remove the exterior screen printing indicating the brand name and the term “coffee”; distinctive brand product. The fame already acquired allows this change not to confuse the consumer because the public is already familiar with it . Minimalism in Netflix: This has been a necessary adaptation rather than a minimalist decision. It is not a strict image or logo change, but rather a necessity to adapt to all types of devices and media.

Minimalist Image Or Transform Our Existing Logo For A Minimalist One

Both the logo with the name of NETFLIX in full, and the representative N coexist. It is a sign that minimalist logos help adaptability, but it is also a sign that, sometimes, both can coexist in an intelligent way. Other examples of minimalism: minimalismo_branding_2022 Designer Mirko Illic shared the change in logos on LinkedIn. The designer Mirko Illic published on LinkedIn his rejection of . Some changes that luxury brands had made to their logos, since he considered it an attack on graphic design. Like any trend, it has its benefactors and detractors. In any case, there are the examples and the confirmation of the trend. Conclusion and risks of minimalism in visual branding All that said, minimalism is not a panacea. You have to know what we are doing and what stage of our project we are in to create a

Not all sectors need to give the same image or message, so it is a trend that, like everything else, we must know how to adapt and choose whether it suits us or not. In the case of corporate giants like Apple or Starbucks, they can remove all types of typography from their logo or make any changes because their brands are already part of our collective imagination. Therefore, when we see the image of the Starbucks siren, we directly relate the brand and everything that surrounds it, but if it had not been so well known… would it have been a good choice Empty the brand of artifices to reach the essence.

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