The matching result for Suitsupply and Zeeman? They both became more top of mind as a brand. This offers advantages over competing brands in their industry, with the biggest advantages being: Will eventually lead to increased market share. People are willing to spend more money with a preferred brand. Marketing campaigns will be more Belarus Phone Number memorable and meaningful. Rank in Google will improve due to increase in brand-specific search volumes. Instills a natural degree of trust from authority. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon once said: A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation for trying to do difficult things well. From recognition to memory As a marketer in the service of a brand, the battle to be top of mind becomes more intense.

How do you become 

Becoming top of mind is not about recognizing a brand, but being able to name it directly from a memory. Achieving this milestone with your target audience requires a smart long-term approach. As a brand, you undergo four levels in the mind of your target group from this journey. Based on marketing mogul, David Aaker ‘s brand loyalty pyramid , the levels are: no awareness, recognition, brand recall, and top of mind are: No awareness: the brand has no name recognition in the market yet. Brand recognition: the target group recognizes the brand by, for example, the logo or the slogan.

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And stay top of mind?

Top of mind: the first brand mentioned with a product, service or similar brand. To climb as a brand from level 1 to 4 in the mind of the target group, an effective and targeted brand strategy is needed. Relevance to the target group and being distinctive in the market are essential factors for success in this regard. Multiple efforts from the brand are required that must be delivered simultaneously to increase the recognition of the brand. brand loyalty pyramidSource: McKinsey & Company How do you become and stay top of mind? Most brands will never become top of mind by only putting the best product on the market.

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