Originated in this time where many people work from Indonesia WhatsApp Number List home and therefore have less connection with colleagues. Certainly in larger organizations it often happens that you do not know many colleagues. Never mind that you have a LinkedIn connection with them. Employee stats: They are 60% more likely to engage in peer Indonesia WhatsApp Number List posts and 14% more likely to share content from their company page.

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Research shows that colleagues respond faster Indonesia WhatsApp Number List to a message from a colleague and more often share a message from their own organization. People prefer to read messages from other people than from companies. Those employees therefore play an extremely important role on LinkedIn. Unlock the most powerful community on LinkedIn — your employees.

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As an organization you can take advantage Indonesia WhatsApp Number List of this by using the My Company Tab or My Company. The guideline was that you should have 200 employees. As you can see below, it is now also possible with fewer employees. But of course there must be some colleagues for this dashboard. LinkedIn My Company – My Company Tab What can you do with the My Company tab? Here you will see popular messages from employees. Very easy to respond to that.

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